My name is Stéphane Guigné and I'm a front-end developer! I spent two years in Vancouver as part of the Invoke team. Recently, I decided to move back to France and work as a freelancer.
Before the cheese overdose, I experienced the American dream with a road trip across the United States. Check out my hand-made blog dedicated to the trip: US by us.
As a dedicated traveler, I also worked on Travelmap, a community-based travel platform.
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Although I was hired as a full-stack developer in my past positions, I'm definitely more passionate about the front-end. Initially an AS3 developer, I mainly focus on animations and user interaction, but with more semantic languages such as html, css and javascript. Of course, I use versioning systems (git), task managers (Npm, Gulp, Webpack), compilers (babel, sass with compass, stylus, haml), frameworks (VueJs, ReactJS, BackboneJS, etc), libraries and APIs (so many!) But my everyday tasks also include pixel perfection, cross-browser compatibity, adapted cross-device experiences, ergonomics and SEO.

Even though I mostly improved my skills at work, I learned the basics and acquired working methods, discipline and efficiency at HETIC where I graduated from my NTIC master's degree.

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